About Family Puppies

Puppy Prices
Here at Family Puppies we try to produce healthy, beautiful, well socialized puppies. Puppies are priced according to there size, color, and pedigree. Please contact us for prices. Cash, Chase or Zelle Pay and Credit Cards are accepted for payment. Credit Cards have an additional 3% fee. Sales tax will be charged on every purchase.

Puppy Food
We feed Eukanuba small breed puppy food to all our small breed puppies and Eukanuba large breed puppy food to our large breed puppies. We will provide a sample starter bag. You can purchase it at Petsmart or Chewy.com.

Health Guarantee
We offer a 72-hour vet check health guarantee. You will have 3 days to have your new puppy checked by a vet of your choice. If he finds anything genetically wrong with the puppy we will gladly take the puppy back with a full refund returned (you must provide papers from your vet stating the reason). (Please note that the breeder is not responsible for any vet bills.) We also offer a one-year health guarantee for the overall genetic health of the puppy.

Deposits are needed to hold a puppy that you have been approved for. We usually ask for a $350.00 deposit for anything under a $1500.00 and $450.00 for $1500.00 and over (deposits are non-refundable).

Contact Information
E-mails are always welcome just go to the “Contact Us” Page, also you may call Dave at  574-354-2428  (please leave a message and a phone number and we will call you back). Deposits can be sent call us for address.

Please include your name, phone number, and the puppy you are putting the deposit on when mailing.