How to Puppy-Proof Your Home for Your New Havanese Puppy

Known for their sociable and affectionate nature, a Havanese puppy will undoubtedly light up your life. However, to ensure their safety and your peace of mind, it’s crucial to puppy-proof your home. Here are some tips to make your home safe for your new Havanese pup. Securing Small Spaces Start by blocking off small spaces… Read more »

The Top 3 Cockapoo Myths Debunked

Cockapoos have gained in popularity in recent years. With their charming personalities and hypoallergenic coats, it’s no wonder why they have captured the hearts of dog lovers. However, along with their rise in popularity, several myths and misconceptions have also emerged. In this blog post, we will debunk these myths and separate fact from fiction… Read more »

Why French Bulldogs Are Now the Most Popular Dog in America

For 31 years, the Labrador Retriever held the title of “Most Popular Dog in America.” In 2023, however, that title was taken by the French bulldog. Of course, we at Family Puppies can completely understand why Americans have fallen in love with the Frenchie’s wrinkly nose and lovable personality. But why, exactly, is the French… Read more »

What Is the Origin of the Coton de Tulear?

The Coton de Tulear is a lovable companion. It’s no wonder why it’s such a popular breed. But how did this cute little dog come to be? Much of the Coton’s origin story is a mystery, but there are some things we know. The Meletei and the Barbets Dogs have been our companions for thousands… Read more »

How Big Does a Cavapoo Get?

Cavapoo puppies, when first adopted, are quite small. As are most puppies! But their small size leads many owners to wonder how much bigger they might become. Cavapoos will never have the huge growth spurts that other breeds are known for, but they will, like all dogs, grow as they age. How much they grow,… Read more »

How to Train Your Dog for Teeth Brushing

Puppy grooming is important for your pup’s health. But did you know that grooming includes brushing your dog’s teeth? To avoid stinky dog breath and dental problems, you need a regular brushing regimen. So how can you train your dog for teeth brushing? Proper handling Over the first few weeks of owning your puppy, be… Read more »

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your New Puppy

If you’ve recently adopted an adorable Pooton or Cavapoo puppy, then chances are this is their first Thanksgiving. So, why not make sure they can enjoy Thanksgiving as much as the rest of the family? Here, we provide some ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving with your new puppy all the while keeping them safe from… Read more »

Your Guide to Going to the Dog Park for the First Time

Whether you’ve adopted an adorable Pooton or a friendly Havanese, you’ll likely be taking them to a dog park at some point. Dog parks are a great place to let your four-legged friend run around, have fun, and meet other dogs. However, if this is your first time at a dog park, you may not… Read more »