How to Walk Your Pooton in the Winter

Pootons are energetic and lively. As a result, they require a bit more exercise than other breeds. This is no problem in the summer, when the sun is shining and you can go weeks without a spot of rain. But what about in the winter? While necessary exercise, walking your Pooton in the winter poses… Read more »

Top 3 Tips for Adopting a Dog for Christmas

Have your kids been begging you for a new puppy? Or perhaps your spouse has been eyeing the adoption ads? Whatever the reason, Christmas can be the perfect time to bring a new dog into your life. However, there are a few things you should consider before introducing your pup on Christmas Day. Don’t adopt… Read more »

How to Help Your Dogs Get Along

What’s better than having one dog in your home? Two dogs, of course! Nevertheless, you will have to face challenges, specifically when it comes to helping your two dogs get along. While most dogs are very friendly with humans, they can have trouble with their own species. They can become jealous and territorial, picking fights… Read more »

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

A common question many potential Frenchie owners ask themselves is this: are French bulldogs aggressive? Bulldogs often have a reputation for being aggressive breeds, but is this reputation accurate? Here we intend to answer that. The short answer: No, they’re not aggressive Simply put, French bulldogs are not an aggressive breed. Most bulldogs are gentle and… Read more »

Separation Anxiety: What It Is and What to Do About It

Separation anxiety is a big problem for dog owners. While we love our dogs, and our dogs love us back, it is not helping anyone when our four-legged friends turn into a nervous wreck when we’re gone. Thankfully, separation anxiety can be fixed with time, dedication, and a little bit of love and care. What… Read more »

Fall Safety Tips for Your Dog

Most pet owners are concerned about summer. After all, the excessive heat can take a serious toll on our beloved four-legged friends. Yet, just because summer is ending doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods just yet. From Halloween candy to cold temperatures, the fall season can be just as tricky navigate for your dog… Read more »

4 Facts About Pootons

Pooton puppies are lovable, energetic, and life-long companions. Their small size and sociable personality make them excellent pets for families or individuals living in an apartment. If you’re still on the fence about adopting a Pooton puppy, then read over these quick facts: Pootons hardly shed There are many of us out there who love… Read more »

How to Stop Your Havanese Dog from Barking

Havanese puppies are alert and energetic; they can sometimes be fairly vocal. While they are not like Chihuahuas or Pomeranians, barking at everything they see, they will get yappy when they notice a mailman or a stray squirrel in their yard. Dogs also have unique personalities, so some Havanese pups may be more vocal than… Read more »