Happy Puppies in New Homes!

We adopted “Sully” in October from you. Just wanted to send an updated picture of him enjoying the snow! He is just amazing. Smart and has a wonderful personality! Thank you!

Brittany & Andrew ( And Sully)

Gracie is doing fabulous! She is right at home with our family and our other dogs and is truly just too cute for words! She is potty trained J and is sooooo close to ringing a bell when she wants to go outside!

Attached is a pic of Gracie posing after her 1st haircut!

Have a good day!
Barbara and John

Hi Dave!
Tiffany’s new name is Gracie and her first day with us has been wonderful! Our older dogs have accepted her and she has stolen all of our hearts!

Thanks – Barbara and John

Molly recently celebrated her first birthday. She weighs in at a mere 4.3 pounds. Good things come in small packages! She’s a welcome addition to our family. A love pup!! Thought you’d like to see her.

Sandy and Bob Lachman. (Ohio)

Hi Dave, Wanted to send a quick pic of Miss Nettie (her new name) on her bed of pillows. She is adorable and we are enjoying her very much. She has already mastered the dog door out to the deck – we are now working on steps to yard (which is a bit more challenging with those stumpy legs). She will have a happy life.
Warmly, Wendy

Andy in his new home!!

A French Bulldog sitting in a ladies handbag.

Remy in his new home! Isn’t he adorable 🙂

I will recommend Dave to anyone looking for a new puppy. His puppies are beautiful and healthy. In just under I week I have already managed to get our new puppy potty trained. Amazing temperament, great with people and other dogs. He also has already gotten used to walking with us on his leash. Truly a very smart dog at the young age of 12 weeks. We are 100% satisfied.
– Thank you Dave!!

Here is a recent picture of Daisy and Minnie – aka Lizzie (4-29-13) & Lily (5-22-13)

5 months old!

A Cockapoo with a bandana around it's neck.

Layla’s now about 20 pounds and has been a great addition to our family. 1 year old!

She is still very smart, a bundle of energy and Andy, who is almost a year old is her best friend. They run, tumble, and share toys together and never a growl etc. between them. He is just what she needed, since my other three are all 9 or older.

I have attached a picture of her so you can see how she looks now. She was a little ball of fluff when we picked her up and now she is a darling puppy growing up.

Our Family couldn’t be happier with Minnie she is just the sweetest!!!!

Happy Halloween from Abbey and London!