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by Barb & Mark on Family Puppies
So Sweet & Smart

We purchased our Cockapoo (Lady Cora) in March 2018. We brought her home & from the very first day she fit right in! House training is going very well. Just a few accidents. The vet said she is in great health although right now poor baby has ear infections! The vet put her on drops for 7 days. We love her to pieces! These folks are the nicest folks & we would suggest anyone purchasing a puppy from them! I even let Lady Cora sleep on our bed! We do take her to Dogtown Resort for training & daycare. She loves it! She will give us many years of happiness!

by Sherrie Gordon on Family Puppies
Over-the-moon Happy!

I traveled two weeks ago to Family Puppies in Nappanee from the western Chicago suburbs and I came home with two precious puppies. Took them to our vet a few days later who said they both are very, very healthy. She said she could tell they had been really well socialized from birth and that both are just perfect! The boy Coton de Tulear is now named Coco and my girl poodle/Coton mix is Clio. They are truly a joy to be with, have adjusted beautifully to my home and neighborhood, and I expect we’ll be a happy threesome for many years. I would not hesitate to buy another puppy from Dave—I highly recommend his business. Thank you, Dave and family, for your delightful babies!

by Griffin on Family Puppies
Thank you

Very thankful for this wonderful dog. We adopted a pooton right before Christmas 17. He is 6 month old and a healthy and happy dog. Our neighbors love him. He gets everyones attention because of his cute and friendly personality. Very smart and sweet breed. Dave sent us videos and pictures and answered all of my questions. He organized a driver that brought us the dog from Indiana to Tennessee. Great service. Thank you.

by Luke Waterhouse on Family Puppies
So Soft

I was reluctant to purchase a puppy from Dave based on several Google searches that came up with negative reviews such as, "sick puppies", "puppy mill", "amish", ect... So we contacted a few passionate Coton breeders in our area that offered puppies for 3 times the price of Family-Puppies. They all had a 6-12 month wait list with non-refundable deposit. I'm very glad we made the drive to Dave's home to see for ourselves. As soon as we arrived I asked Dave about those negative reviews, in person. He said, "Do you think I would have stayed in business so long if I had bad puppies"? He recalled a time when his family was tormented by demonstrators in front of his home, trying to smear his good name and shut down his business.Our Coton came worm free, healthy, well tempered and SO SOFT! Everyone says he doesn't even look real. He looks and feels like a living teddy bear! We have rescued and purchased a few dogs in the past that lived inside with us but they never fit in with our family like this one. Dave is a top notch, large scale breeder. Probably the best and most affordable Coton's you can find in Indiana.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YTjz3ibif38v7ppBPNcZgY1xsM4zQW14/view?usp=sharinghttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1pqdFG061eOAr5D5CaTaB2-GkFoa2IrFz/view?usp=sharing

by Glenda Johnson on Family Puppies
Sweetest Dog Ever!!!!

Drove all the way from Omaha and she was worth the trip! Immaculate facilities, and best of all, the puppy was acclimated to people and was never anxious or scared. Could not have found a nicer puppy!

by Linda on Family Puppies
Mia is sweetest puppy ever!

We’ve only had our little cockapoo Mia for a few days but she really is the best little puppy ever! She’s doing great with house training and we are all in love with her already! Dave was great to work with and I would highly recommend this breeder!

by Dana on Family Puppies

I just wanted to send a note of how grateful we are to have Thor in our life. We adopted him this past summer from you and he is potty trained, even rings bells on our door to tell us he needs to go outside, he is a lover, always happy and kissing everyone. He loves to play, cuddle and sleep 🙂 he has increased the joy level in our home so much!

by Nicole Brown on Family Puppies
Fuzzy Love

We brought home 2 older puppies, a girl Havanese, almost a year old, and a boy Coton, almost 8 months. We could not be anymore pleased with how amazing they have acclimated to our home. Our vet was so impressed with how wonderfully socialized they were since they were older. I would buy a puppy here again without hesitation. Thank you so much for the amazing additions to our family, our hearts are so full of fuzzy love.

by Lisa on Family Puppies
Love our Havanese

We purchased Carlo, our Havanese, in September 2017. We had a great experience when we purchased him and when we brought him home that night he immediately was at home. Next day we took him to our vet who said he was very healthy. We kept his name the same and he is such a sweet puppy!!! We would definitely purchase another puppy from family puppies. Thanks Dave!!

by John Hilligoss on Family Puppies
Happy with our maltipoo

I have red some poor reviews dated back to 2012...with that said...we purchased our maltipoo male puppy on July 25 of 2017 and could not be happier with him . Dave's farm is picture perfect and I believe he takes good care of his breeding stock. Being a hog farmer myself..if we abuse our animals we would only be hurting our profits. I would recommend this kennel to anyone that is looking for good quality ..loving dogs. Our puppy never once became sick on the way home...an hours drive...which tells me they were handled often. Thanks Dave...keep up the good work because there is a need for healthy puppies.

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