Havanese Puppies

Havanese Puppies for Sale

If you’re looking for a happy-go-lucky companion to add to the family, then the Havanese breed is for you.

As respected Havanese breeders in Ohio and Indiana, as well as avid dog lovers, we have been able to take the time to get to know this breed and truly understand the needs of our Havanese puppies. This allows us to give them all the love and socialization they need when they’re born and properly prepare them for their forever homes.

At Family Puppies, we have plenty of Havanese puppies for sale, but before you choose your new pup, let’s get to know the breed a little more!

What to Know About the Havanese Breed

On average, these dogs reach maturity as they turn one year old. Though they are considered a small, toy breed, your Havanese puppy will certainly pack a punch.

The Havanese Breed:

  • Native to Cuba
  • Small, but sturdy bodies
  • Silky double coat
  • Variety of colors
  • Frequent socialization required
  • Fast learners
  • Charming personality

Havanese Temperament

Their fun and loving personalities are magnetic, and you’ll see the positive effect they have on both humans and other animals.

The overall Havanese temperament is outgoing and non-aggressive, making them perfect candidates for therapy or emotional support animals. Havanese puppies love attention, so whether you’re playing fetch or they’re just relaxing on your lap, they’ll be happy just to be around their owner.

What to Expect Living with Havanese Puppies

Since this little toy breed is definitely a people-person (and a dog-person!), they’ll be looking to interact with as many people as possible and explore as much as they can throughout the day. Havanese puppies are the ideal family pet for those who are looking for a small, but active pup. You don’t have to have a large yard, but they do love the outdoors, whether that’s a daily walk or playing around in the yard.

Living with a Havanese is a breeze because these laid-back pups can fit in with any lifestyle. As long as you keep them moving and avoid leaving them alone for too long, you and your trusted companion will get along great.

And an added bonus is that this long-haired dog is not a bountiful shedder, however, consistent grooming is key in keeping your pup happy and healthy.

Preparing for your Havanese Puppy

As long as you have all the essentials that a puppy would need, you’ll be more than ready to take one of our Havanese puppies for sale home with you. If you need some help preparing for your pup, check out our puppy checklist to help you figure out what you need to buy before taking one home.

It would also be smart to evaluate your home and the space you have for a Havanese. Although they are small in stature, they need room to run and play, and preparing your home itself for a new puppy will not only keep your new puppy safe, but also keep your belongings safe.

This is where puppy-proofing your home comes in to help create a welcoming and safe environment.

Training a Havanese Puppy

Since the Havanese breed are very observant in nature and get along well with people and other dogs, learning comes easy.

You will notice that they always aim to please so positive reinforcement and a rewards system will definitely come in handy. Just like any puppy, teaching them early is best, especially when it comes to barking.

One area that you will need to take a slower approach with is house training. However, as long as you stay calm and work with your puppy through the house-training process, they will eventually catch on.

Finding a Reputable Havanese Breeder

So, when you’re looking for Havanese puppies for sale, it can be difficult to decide on which breeder to work with. How can you be sure that they are taking care of their puppies in a safe and loving way, and actually taking the time to prepare the for their new homes?

Well, first we’d suggest looking into the Havanese breeder’s reputation and their experience in breeding puppies. Then, check out their past customers—now dog owners—to see all of the happy pups that have a home with their new families!

Havanese Puppies for Sale

It also helps to have a list of questions to ask your Havanese breeder before you buy, so that you understand the needs of your new pup!

At Family Puppies, we have established a welcoming and warm environment for our Havanese puppies over the years and it’s our experience that makes us one of the leading Havanese breeders in Ohio and Indiana.

Browse through our new Havanese puppies and give us a call at 574-354-2428 with any questions you may have!