Pootons Puppies for Sale Indiana

Pooton Puppies for Sale

Loving, energetic, and family-friendly, a Pooton puppy from Family Puppies will be your life-long companion. Combining the charm of the Coton de Tulear with the playfulness of the Toy Poodle, Pootons are one of the best breeds for families and individuals alike.

Quick Facts about Pootons

Height: 8-12 inches

Weight: 7-15 lbs.

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Breeds of Parents: Coton de Tulear, Toy Poodle

Pooton Temperament

Pootons are incredibly sweet and playful. With seemingly boundless energy and sociableness, they love playing around with other humans, dogs, and even cats. This makes them great family pets, as the one thing that Pootons hate the most is being left alone for too long. Their small size allows them to get along well with children or smaller pets, and their intelligence makes them easy to train.

Pooton Appearance

Pootons are your typical toy dog breed. The largest a healthy Pooton will get is up to 15 pounds in weight and 12 inches in height. Their coats are curly and medium-length, so they are non shedding (an excellent choice, then, for individuals with allergies). Many Pootons have cream or brown-colored fur, but you may also find mixes of white, black, and gray within their coats as well.

Caring for Pootons

Just like any breed, Pootons require love and care from their owners. Since they’re energetic by nature, they will need a bit more activity in their daily routines than other breeds. A daily walk combined with games of fetch or tug-of-war is enough to keep them happy. Additionally, brushing their curly coats daily will ensure that their fur remains healthy and tangle-free. Pootons also have floppy ears, so as you’re brushing them, be sure to check and clean their ears of dirt.

As an official breeder of Pootons in the Nappanee, IN area, we at Family Puppies take great pride and care in our Pooton puppies. We ensure the health and happiness of every puppy that we raise, taking the time to properly vaccinate and socialize all of our pups. To learn more about the Pooton puppies we have for sale, contact us today.