At Family Puppies, Socialization is Key to Puppy Training

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You’ve heard the horror stories. For instance, someone taking a young dog to the park and the dog gets pushed around by a bigger dog and ends up hating everything associated with the experience. The young dog, in other words, has had a bad first-time social experience. Every young dog needs a stable environment. If not, they may never be comfortable around other dogs or people for that matter. Socializing your dog, like everything worthwhile in life, requires patience, understanding and compassion.


At Family Puppies, an Indiana-based Havanese, French Bulldog and Coton De Tulear breeder, we begin the socialization process from the moment our puppies are born! They are raised in a friendly and affectionate household, attended to by our six children at all hours of the day it seems! As dog breeders, we understand the importance of early socialization.

Socializing your puppy


When it comes to puppy training, proper socialization is one of the most important things that you need to do. No matter what type of dog you have, your puppy will learn behavior at a young age that it will carry on throughout its entire life. Because of this, it is critical that you teach your puppy the right things from the moment you bring it home.


By socializing your puppy, you can make sure it is calm and happy around other people, including strangers. Without the proper socialization, you risk having a dog that is angry, fearful and even violent. This can make it tough to leave your dog at home unattended, and almost impossible to bring it around other people.


According to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, the socialization process takes about three months. Once the puppy is three months old, they can still become socialized, but your task will be more difficult. In order to give your puppy the best chance for a happy and fulfilling life, you should start right away.

Socializing your puppy


We start your puppy on the right road to socialization. It is important to continue this crucial process once you bring your new companion home. For more information about our puppies or the socialization process in general, get in touch with us! Check back with us to get tips on socialization, French Bulldogs, Havanese, the Coton De Tulear and much, much more!