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What Makes French Bulldogs Such a Desirable Breed for Dog Owners

A female French Bulldog from Family Puppies.

French Bulldogs have steadily climbed the ranks of popularity among dog breeds in the United States for years now, becoming beloved companions in many households. Their unmistakable bat ears, smooshed faces, and compact, muscular bodies make them instantly recognizable and irresistibly charming. But beyond their distinctive appearance, several characteristics contribute to their desirability as pets…. Read more »

Supplies to Buy Before Your New French Bulldog Arrives

Lola, a female French Bulldog

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of bringing home a French Bulldog puppy. These delightful little companions, known for their distinctive bat ears and affectionate nature, are a wonderful addition to any family. You’ll want their first day in a new home to be special, so you have to be prepared. Here’s what to buy… Read more »

The Ideal Diet for Your French Bulldog: Keeping Your Frenchie Fit and Healthy

french bulldog waiting for food

Known for their charm and distinctive appearance, French Bulldogs, or “Frenchies,” are a delightful addition to any family. Ensuring their optimal health requires understanding and implementing an ideal diet. Here’s how to keep your Frenchie fit and healthy with the right nutrition. Understanding the Dietary Needs of French Bulldogs Despite their small size, French Bulldogs… Read more »

Why French Bulldogs Are Now the Most Popular Dog in America

A cute adorable brown and black French Bulldog Dog is playing in the grass with a yellow ball.

For 31 years, the Labrador Retriever held the title of “Most Popular Dog in America.” In 2023, however, that title was taken by the French bulldog. Of course, we at Family Puppies can completely understand why Americans have fallen in love with the Frenchie’s wrinkly nose and lovable personality. But why, exactly, is the French… Read more »

How to Keep Your French Bulldog Warm in Cold Weather

french bulldog playing outside in snow with owner

Fall is here, which means in due time the temperatures will start dropping as well as the leaves. While many of us love the coming of fall, it’s another thing for our French bulldogs. French bulldogs cannot tolerate cold temperatures well. As a brachycephalic breed, it’s harder for them to breathe in cold weather and… Read more »

How to Choose the Best Dog Toys for Your French Bulldog

french bulldog puppy playing with toy on a sofa

French bulldogs love to play with their toys. However, due to their playfulness and energy, you may find yourself replacing toy after toy as each one gets ripped to shreds. Either that, or some toys may be ignored by your Frenchie as they look for something more interesting to play with. But it doesn’t have… Read more »

French Bulldog Colors Explained

two french bulldogs sitting on park bench

A French bulldog’s coloring can vary widely depending on their parents’ genes. Some may just have one solid color, while others have a mix spattering their coats. This delightful variety is why you’ll never have two bulldogs that are exactly alike, even if they come from the same litter! However, not all coat colors are… Read more »

Are French Bulldogs Good with Cats?

Are French Bulldogs Good with Cats

We always believe that cats and dogs never get along. But in reality, cats and dogs can easily coexist. While individual animals will be different, there’s no reason why your new French bulldog can’t get along or even become friends with your feline. It just takes a bit of forethought and patience. Read on to… Read more »

What to Feed Your French Bulldog

What to Feed Your French Bulldog

Just like humans, French bulldogs need regular exercise and a balanced diet to stay healthy. But what exactly does a balanced diet entail? Not all breeds require the same nutrients, and not all ages require the same nutrients either. Below we’ve broken down what you should be feeding your French bulldog based on their age:… Read more »

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

A common question many potential Frenchie owners ask themselves is this: are French bulldogs aggressive? Bulldogs often have a reputation for being aggressive breeds, but is this reputation accurate? Here we intend to answer that. The short answer: No, they’re not aggressive Simply put, French bulldogs are not an aggressive breed. Most bulldogs are gentle and… Read more »