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Is the Coton de Tulear the Right Choice for You?

A Coton de Tulear puppy sits on a carpet

Choosing a new dog is a big decision, one that requires careful thought about your lifestyle, living arrangements, and what you’re looking for in a pet. The Coton de Tulear, with its distinctive fluffy coat, and gentle disposition, has become a beloved breed for many. But is this charming companion the right fit for you?… Read more »

Top Activities to Do with Your Coton de Tulear

A Coton De Tulear puppy sits in front of a door

Owning a Coton de Tulear is a delightful experience filled with joy. These small, fluffy dogs with a cotton-like coat are known for their cheerful and affectionate nature. As a Coton de Tulear owner, you may be seeking new fun and engaging activities to keep your furry friend happy and active. Here are a few… Read more »

What Is the Origin of the Coton de Tulear?

woman sitting on swing with coton de tulear puppy

The Coton de Tulear is a lovable companion. It’s no wonder why it’s such a popular breed. But how did this cute little dog come to be? Much of the Coton’s origin story is a mystery, but there are some things we know. The Meletei and the Barbets Dogs have been our companions for thousands… Read more »

Are Coton de Tulears Good Family Dogs?

coton de tulear puppy standing next to owner

When you’re looking to adopt a dog, there are certainly many factors to consider. One of the biggest factors is your living situation. If you have a large family with plenty of kids, you’ll want to make sure that your new four-legged friend gets along with everybody. Coton de Tulears are adorable, small dogs that… Read more »

Coton de Tulears as Therapy Dogs

In recent years, therapy dogs have become popular companions for seniors, children, and people suffering from mental illnesses. However, not just any dog can become a therapy dog; they need to have the right temperament in order to truly assist someone. Coton de Tulears, for instance, are among the few breeds that make excellent therapy… Read more »

The Temperament of the Coton de Tulear Breed

Happy, intelligent, and full of love, the Coton de Tulear is a great breed for any family. While each individual dog has their own personality, the Coton de Tulear breed has many general characteristics that makes it an excellent pet and companion. Here are just a few: They’re extremely intelligent Coton de Tulears are observant… Read more »

8 Training Tips for Coton de Tulear Puppies

coton de tulear dog playing in garden

From house training to crate training to basic commands—your Coton de Tulear puppy has a lot to learn. That’s where you come in! Training a new puppy and introducing them to the world is a big responsibility, but—we think you’re up for the challenge. As experts (and lovers!) of Coton de Tulear puppies, we have… Read more »

Surviving the First Night with Your Coton de Tulear Puppy

playing fetch with coton de tulear puppy

The day has finally come! You’re getting ready to bring home a little Coton de Tulear puppy, the newest (and arguably, furriest) member of your family. Although you may have puppy-proofed your home and purchased everything your new pup could possibly need, the transition from breeder to their new owners can be a bit overwhelming…. Read more »

Summary on the Coton de Tulear Breed

Summary of the Coton de Tulear

Family Puppies is proud to offer the best puppy breeds to our clients, and that of course, includes the Coton de Tulear. The Coton de Tulear is a small, active dog known for their happy and loving personalities along with plenty of other positive traits. Coton de Tulear History The Coton de Tulear is often… Read more »

All About the Coton de Tulear Breed

At Family Puppies, offering the best puppy breeds is part of our promise to our clients. And that, of course, includes the Coton de Tulear breed; a dog that is bred in Nappanee, Indiana, only a short drive from South Bend, and Chicago. The dog is known for its “cotton” white hair, and origin—from Tulear,… Read more »