Four Scientific Reasons Why You Should Own a Dog

Benefits of owning a dogWe all know why we love dogs: they make perfect companions, they’re loyal, they’re great with children, and, of course, they’re adorable. But what if there was actual scientific evidence to prove that owning a dog is not only fun, but, also, healthy for you? Well, now there is.

Here are four scientific reasons why you should own a dog:

You’re more likely to exercise with a dog

Think about it: it’s too hot or cold outside, and you don’t want to go for a walk or run. Or you’ve had a long day at work, and the gym seems like too much right now. But dogs don’t take no for an answer when they need to be walked every day—and neither do you. Turns out, people are much more likely to exercise if they have a dog by their side. They get you out of the house on a daily basis. Dog walkers, rejoice!

You’re more connected to your community

At Family Puppies, we all know other dog people. Even right now, you’re on our site, gleaning advice from other dog people. Dogs are great for social capital. You are much more likely to talk to your neighbor if he or she has a dog, too, and that sort of social interaction strengthens yourself, and your community, immensely.

You’re nicer when you own a dog

Have you ever noticed that children who own puppies or a dog are, generally, more empathetic towards other children? Well, you’re not the only one—studies have shown that children who grow up with dogs in the house are, in fact, nicer than those who do not. They learn to love from an early age, and take care of a friend, which are all admirable qualities come school time.

Dog owners are healthier, in general

These statistics really blew us away: pet owners tend to have shorter stays in the hospital, lower levels of stress, and fewer visits to the doctor. Some researchers have even said that owning a pet can lower your chance of heart disease by 4 percent!

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