Four Ways You Can Bond With Your Dog

Tips for Bonding With Your DogYour dog is your best friend—but like any relationship, it takes effort and thoughtfulness to bond.

Here’s how to bond with your dog:

Spend some quality time

On a regular basis, spend one-on-one time with your pup. Go for a long walk, pl ay an extended game of fetch or just cuddle together on the couch. Either way, make sure the activity lasts at least half an hour and put the smartphone away—your dog can tell whether he has your full attention or not.

Learn new tricks

Training your dog provides her with positive reinforcement and leads her to see you as the giver of all good things (read: treats). Dogs want to please us, so training is a great way to bond.

Be consistent

Your dog needs consistent boundaries in order to feel safe. Don’t let your dog sleep in your bed one night and insist that he sleep on the floor the next. Dogs are happiest when they know what is expected of them.

Be generous with your love

Affection is an essential component of bonding with your dog. Show your pup how much you care by doling out regular head scratches and belly rubs.

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