How to Adopt the Right Dog for You

You’ve spent years longingly staring at dog pictures on the internet, waiting for your chance to finally adopt a dog of your own. Now that you’re finally in a position to adopt, though, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the choices. After all, there are so many adorable pups out there looking for a home, how can you pick just one?  

Nonetheless, if you want your time with your new best friend to go smoothly, then you’ll need to find the right dog for you. Here are some ways you can go about it: How to Adopt the Right Dog for You


The age of your dog is going to be the first big decision you’ll have to make. While we at Family Puppies would love for everyone to adopt a puppy from us, we also understand that puppies should only be taken in by people well-aware of the time and dedication that they require (we also don’t want to take away from the many other older dogs out there that are just as lovable as our puppies). A puppy will be with you during its entire life, and that creates a very special bond between the dog and its owner. You’ll also be able to train them how you’d like. However, if they’re not properly trained, they can pick up bad behaviors even from the most well-meaning owners. If you feel you can’t commit to a puppy, then consider adopting an adult or senior dog. 


Next, think about how large of a dog that your space can handle. For example, if you live in a small apartment, then a large rottweiler isn’t the best idea. The larger the dog is, the more space it will need to spread out and run around. While size doesn’t always equal energy level, you still want your pup to be comfortable wherever they are in the house. 


As we said, size doesn’t always equal energy level. A small dog can be more rambunctious than a large dog, and vice versa. It will all depend on the breed of the dog and that dog’s individual personality. If you’re someone who wants to go jogging everyday with their dog, then get one with more energy. Conversely, if you’re someone who enjoys quiet days lounging on the couch, try to find a lapdog instead. 


All dogs will need some grooming, but how much grooming they will need will vary depending on the breed. Some people mistakenly believe that a short-haired dog will require less maintenance and will have less shedding, but this isn’t always the case. Do your research and ask yourself how much you’ll mind cleaning your dog and cleaning up after your dog.  


When you adopt a dog, you’ll want them to be able to adapt to your lifestyle as much as possible. However, each dog is different, and their personality will impact how well they adjust to your way of life. As such, you’ll want a dog that can handle your lifestyle. For example, if you have kids, then you’ll want a dog that is good with kids; if you have cats or other dogs, then you’ll want a dog who is sociable with other animals. Additionally, if you live alone, then you’ll want a dog that is more independent and laid-back, rather than one that is more sociable and rambunctious.  


Finally, remember that no matter how much research and planning that you do, the dog you choose is still an individual. Breed characteristics can help guide you, but these are only general outlines of how a certain breed typically behaves. So, when you go to adopt your dog, be sure to spend some quality time with them before taking them home. 

If you’ve decided that the right dog for you is here at Family Puppies, then don’t wait, come on by to meet your new best friend today!