How to Choose the Best Dog Toys for Your French Bulldog

French bulldogs love to play with their toys. However, due to their playfulness and energy, you may find yourself replacing toy after toy as each one gets ripped to shreds. Either that, or some toys may be ignored by your Frenchie as they look for something more interesting to play with. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By buying the right dog toys for your French bulldog, you can save your wallet and keep your pup happy, too.

Here are the factors you should keep in mind as you’re buying dog toys for your Frenchie:french bulldog puppy playing with toy on a sofa

Material and durability

Perhaps the most common issue French bulldog owners complain about is how quickly their Frenchies tear through their new toys. One day you bring home a new toy for your French bulldog and only a few hours later that same toy is destroyed.

Nevertheless, the problem isn’t with your Frenchie, but rather with the toy you’re buying. Toys that are made from plush and soft fabrics simply cannot hold up to the strength of your French bulldog’s jaw. As a result, you’ll want to get toys that are made from tougher materials including:

  • Rope
  • Rubber
  • Nylon


The safety of your pup is always at the top of your mind. When buying dog toys, it’s always a good idea to check and see what a toy is made from and if there are any known hazards. Look at online reviews to see the experiences of other dog owners, and always look through the ingredient list. Some dog owners opt for cheap toys to save their wallets. However, cheap toys will break quicker and are often made of materials that are toxic to dogs, such as latex or BPA plastics.


French bulldogs are small dogs. So, be careful you’re not buying toys that are too big for them. A toy should be able to fit easily in their mouths but not too easily where they could swallow it. Additionally, flat toys such as frisbees can be difficult for flat-faced breeds such as Frenchies to pick up, so opt for curved toys instead. If you’re having difficulty determining if a toy is the right size or shape, check online reviews from other Frenchie owners or read the item description to see which breeds the toy is suitable for.

If you keep these factors in mind, you should have no problem picking out the perfect dog toys for your French bulldog. For more advice on how to care for your Frenchie, read through our blog or contact us today!