French Bulldogs, Cockapoos, Havanese & Coton De Tulear: Breeder in St. Louis, MO

Before you decide to purchase a puppy for yourself or your family, take the time to learn about various breeds and which would be the best fit for your personality and situation. At Family Puppies, we breed and raise happy and healthy French bulldog puppies, Cockapoo puppies, Havanese puppies, and Coton puppies for sale in St. Louis, MO.

Read more about what makes each of these puppy breeds so unique.

French Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Missouri

It’s easy to fall in love with our French bulldog puppies in St. Louis, MO. From their cute, wrinkled faces to their bat-like ears, French bulldogs are too adorable to overlook. They are also very intelligent dogs and are easily trainable with a little bit of patience. Regardless of whether you live in a large home on a big plot of land or in a small apartment in the city, French bulldog puppies are extremely adaptable. Plus, as they don’t require much exercise, you won’t have to go out of your way to keep them healthy and active.

Cockapoo Puppies Available

Though they are not officially recognized by the AKC, Family Puppies also breeds Cockapoo puppies here in St. Louis, MO. Cockapoos, which have been adorable and intelligent companions for over 50 years, are a mix of Poodle and Cocker Spaniel and love to show affection to their owners. They will even go as far as to follow you around the house like a little shadow to ensure they spend as much time with you as possible.

Havanese Puppies for Sale

Havanese puppies may be small in size, but they have large personalities and even big hearts.

Though this breed is extremely intelligent and easy to train, they are particular sensitive by nature, so it’s important to use kind words and positive reinforcement from a young age. Early socialization and exposure to different place, people and pups can go a long way in ensuring that your Havanese puppy grows to be a happy, well-adjusted companion!

Coton De Tulear Puppies

Those looking for puppies that are hypoallergenic will love our Coton puppies for sale in St. Louis, MO! Despite having white fluffy coats, they rarely shed when groomed regularly, and won’t present problems for allergy sufferers. They are also very intelligent, which helps to make the training process easier, and will show you love and affection as often as they can.

To learn more about these breeds and our puppies for sale in Missouri, contact Family Puppies at 574-354-2428 today and inquire about our latest litters!