French Bulldog Puppies

If you are looking for a dog that doesn’t bark a lot or need much exercise, the French Bulldog is great for small apartments. Family Puppies, French Bulldog breeders, 3 hours north of Indianapolis, Indiana, have quality puppies from excellent parents. As the owners of Family Puppies near South Bend, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and Chicago, we are dedicated to providing the best Havanese puppies, Coton de Tulear and French Bulldog puppies as pets to families to love and enjoy.

With research and loving commitment, we as Havanese breeders, Coton de Tulear, and French Bulldog breeders in Nappanee, Indiana have chosen 3 types of dogs to raise. From French Bulldogs, to Havanese, to Coton de Tulear puppies, these beautiful dogs are bred with the utmost care.

If you are looking for a sweet, people-loving, intelligent, and affectionate puppy that doesn’t shed, look no further than the Havanese or the Coton de Tulear breed. As a Havanese and Coton de Tulear breeder our bloodlines are chosen with care.

Family Puppies takes great pride in the Havanese, Coton de Tulear, and French Bulldog puppies we have for sale in Indiana, and would love to help you in deciding which puppy is the right choice for you and/ or your family. For more information about our Havanese, Coton de Tulear, and French Bulldog puppies, call us in Nappanee, Indiana at 574-354-2428.