Tips for House Training a Toy Breed Puppy

House training a toy breed puppy can sometimes be a bit more challenging then a large breed. It may take them more time to catch onto it, but it will be well worth your patience and time.

Keep the same routine

The most important thing to remember when house training your puppy is keeping your routine the same everyday. This doesn’t just mean what time they go out for potty, but also what time they eat. Keeping a regular feeding schedule will also greatly improve your potty training. Feeding them 3 small meals throughout the day helps you to keep them on a potty schedule. It also helps you to learn there habits to aid in training. A puppy should never have full feed all day long until they are completely trained.

Have a designated potty place

Another way to make house training easier is by having a designated place for the puppy to go potty. Using the same voice command or key words such as “outside” or “go potty” is also a consistency that will help them learn much faster.

Use positive reinforcement

Letting a puppy run free in the home will delay in training. Positive messages all through out training will help your puppy. Praise is the most important part of training and should be positive every day. Accidents will happen and punishment should never be involved, it will only confuse your puppy. If you see your puppy having an accident a stern No or loud noise will scare them into stopping, which you can then immediately take them outside to the designated area.

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