How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your New Puppy

If you’ve recently adopted an adorable Pooton or Cavapoo puppy, then chances are this is their first Thanksgiving. So, why not make sure they can enjoy Thanksgiving as much as the rest of the family? Here, we provide some ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving with your new puppy all the while keeping them safe from some of the dangers this holiday poses to them.

Make them a Thanksgiving plate (minus some foods)dog at thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving dinner shouldn’t just be for the humans. Dogs can get in on the fun too! However, dogs cannot eat all the same foods that humans can.

 So, as you’re making your pup’s Thanksgiving plate, be sure to eliminate the following foods:

  • Turkey bones and skin
  • Gravy
  • Stuffing
  • Yeast dough
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Onions, scallions, and garlic
  • Creamed peas

Have a separate room made up for your pup

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, then chances are you’ll be having plenty of people over at your house. For young puppies, this can be quite stressful. Even if your pup is sociable, we recommend making up a separate room where your puppy can go relax when things get a bit too chaotic. Fill the room with their favorite toys, blankets, and food, and be sure to check on them regularly.

Ensure your guests know how to handle puppies

Not all guests are used to being around dogs or puppies. As such, they may not know how to behave when a puppy is around them. So, make sure you lay out some ground rules such as not feeding your puppy from the table or letting your puppy sniff a guest before letting the guest pet them.

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