How to Groom a Cockapoo

When you first adopt a cockapoo puppy, you obviously want to take good of care of them. This includes feeding them well, walking them frequently, loving them, and, of course, grooming them. Grooming your cockapoo involves more than just going over their coat with a brush; there are steps that need to be taken for them to stay healthy.

The Cockapoo Coat

How to Groom a Cockapoo

Cockapoos are bred from cocker spaniels and poodles, both of which have very different coats. The cocker spaniel has a double-layered coat that’s long and straight or wavy; the poodle, in contrast, has a single-layered coat that’s medium-length and curly. As such, cockapoos can have a variety of possible coats, including:

  • Single coated, curly (brush daily)
  • Single or double coated, wavy (brush two to three times per week)
  • Double coated, straight (brush twice per week)

Grooming Your Cockapoo

While the frequency of your grooming sessions will vary depending on the coat your cockapoo has, the actual method will remain the same. Follow these steps to properly groom your puppy:

Step 1: Spritz detangling spray onto your dog’s coat or your grooming tools

Step 2: Gently comb through each section of their fur, locating tangles and mats

Step 3: Use a brush (pin-side brush, slicker brush, or de-matting rake will do) and slowly work out the tangles and mats

Step 4: Once the tangles and mats are removed, de-shed them by brushing section by section

Step 5: Trim their nails and coat as needed

Step 6: Check their ears and teeth


Another way to manage your cockapoo’s coat is to get it trimmed. Keeping their coat nice and trim will help to better manage their fur. It is also a good idea to trim the hair around their eyes and muzzle so that it doesn’t obscure their vision. These areas can be tricky to cut, so it may be best to take your dog to a groomer when you notice their fur has gotten too long.

If you have further questions on how to groom your Cockapoo, or if you’re planning to add a Cockapoo puppy to your family, then contact Family Puppies today to get started!