Coton de Tulears as Therapy Dogs

In recent years, therapy dogs have become popular companions for seniors, children, and people suffering from mental illnesses. However, not just any dog can become a therapy dog; they need to have the right temperament in order to truly assist someone. Coton de Tulears, for instance, are among the few breeds that make excellent therapy dogs. Here’s why:

What are therapy dogs?

Before we get into Coton therapy dogs, we must first cover what therapy dogs actually do. Many people mistake them with service dogs, but they often perform two difference services. Service dogs are trained to assist people with physical disabilities (such as blindness). Therapy dogs, meanwhile, are meant to provide psychological therapy. They often visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and other places, and they are meant to interact with a wide variety of people.

Why Coton de Tulears?

Many people are adopting Cotons and raising them as therapy dogs. Why? Adaptable, friendly, and easygoing, they make the perfect companions. They also have a very gentle and empathetic nature. Coupled with their smaller stature, they’re a very non-threatening breed, reducing any anxiety a person may have when meeting a dog for the first time. Finally, Cotons are quite intelligent and are eager to please. This makes them extremely easy to train (a must for many therapy dogs that may be asked to perform additional tasks for their owners).

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