How to Groom a Pooton

Pootons are adorable, small dogs with curly hair that makes them irresistible. However, that same curly, fluffy hair that makes them so cute also needs to be properly maintained. Here we discuss the steps you can take to groom your pooton puppy.

Brush them dailypooton puppy lying outside

A pooton puppy does not shed much. Nevertheless, their curly coats can get easily tangled. That’s why they need to be brushed daily to ensure their coats remain healthy and beautiful. We recommend using slicker brushes that will easily move through curly hair and find any mats or knots.

Clean their ears

Pootons have floppy ears—it’s why they have such an adorable appearance. But floppy ears can get dirty quite easily. If they’re not regularly cleaned, your pooton could end up with ear infections. Use a veterinarian-approved ear-cleaning solution by squeezing it into the ear canal and gently massaging the base of the ear for about 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds are up, let your dog shake their head and then use a cotton ball to wipe out their ear canal. We recommend letting your vet show you how to clean their ears first before attempting it yourself.

Trim their fur occasionally

A pooton’s hair does not grow quickly, but it does grow. That means you’ll need to trim their coat occasionally. You can try doing this yourself, but a dog groomer is often the best choice. They’ll know how to keep your dog calm and ensure they look their best.

Bathe them rarely

It is not necessary to bathe your pooton regularly. In fact, they could go quite a while without a bath.  You should only bathe them if they’ve gotten into something they shouldn’t have or if they start to smell. When you’re doing so, only use a recommended dog shampoo to prevent any potential skin problems.

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