Tell-Tale Signs Your Dog is Stressed

How to tell if your dog is stressedBetween the commute, the never-ending housework and the budget woes—you’re stressed out. Did you know that your pooch is also susceptible to stress?

Unlike people, our pups can’t use words to tell us when they’re feeling frazzled, so watch out for these tell-tale signs your dog is stressed:

  • Decreased appetite: Many dogs lose their appetite when they’re stressed. Remember that dogs don’t diet like people do, so if Fido isn’t eating, stress is a likely culprit.
  • Excessive licking: Licking is a stress response, as is yawning.
  • Increased vocalization: Barking, whining, whimpering and other vocalizations may be your dog’s way of telling you she’s feeling anxious.
  • Digestive issues like constipation or diarrhea are stress giveaways.
  • Posture changes including cowering, tail tucking or ears pinned back all communicate stress.

What causes stress in dogs?

Common triggers include separation from human family members, being placed in a new environment, a change in routine, exposure to new animals, punitive training techniques and loud noises. Another one that not everyone in your home might realize, especially children, is that it stresses dogs out to have their personal space invaded or to be interrupted while they’re sleeping.

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