How to Ease into Your First Night With Your New Puppy

First Night With New PuppyIt’s the night that every prospective puppy owner looks forward to: the first time you bring your puppy back to your home to sleep and start your new life together. But in many ways, puppies are like newborn babies—and that first night together is something that must be prepared for in advance. Because keep in mind: the puppies we breed at Family Puppies have lived with their family for the first few weeks of their lives, and now will be leaving them behind. There’s separation anxiety that will exist for some time.

To make sure you provide a smooth, comfortable transition for your new best friend, here are a few tips of what to do the first night to make your puppy feel at home.

Give the puppy a tour of the house

One of the initial feelings your puppy will have on that first night is fear—they’re away from their family, in this place they’ve never been to before. Think: what would you do in their position? As a new puppy owner, you can start by making the puppy feel at home. Show them the different rooms of your house and play with them. You want to convey the message that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Walk them before bed

To get in the habit of bathroom breaks, take your puppy on their first walk before it’s time for bed. Puppies have to go to the bathroom more often than adult dogs, due to the size of their bladders. So, there’s a good chance that the puppy will wake you up on that first night to go again. If so, another walk is in order. But at least get that ball rolling early.

Stay close to your dog

The first night will likely involve howling, and whimpering—your puppy is sad to leave their family and misses them dearly. But what you can provide is the safety and comfort of being close, so the puppy knows they’re in good hands. A good balance to strike is staying close enough that the puppy knows you’re there, but far enough that you’re not stuck up all night.

By adhering to these lessons, your puppy will have a happy, healthy relationship with you from the onset. And at Family Puppies, we know—we sell French Bulldog, Havanese, Coton, and Cockapoo puppies, and have years of experience with these dogs. If you have any questions or concerns about your first night, don’t hesitate to call us at 574-354-2428.