Why French Bulldogs Are Now the Most Popular Dog in America

For 31 years, the Labrador Retriever held the title of “Most Popular Dog in America.” In 2023, however, that title was taken by the French bulldog. Of course, we at Family Puppies can completely understand why Americans have fallen in love with the Frenchie’s wrinkly nose and lovable personality. But why, exactly, is the French bulldog now the most popular dog in America? Here are a few reasons:

Their small sizeA cute adorable brown and black French Bulldog Dog is playing in the grass with a yellow ball.

One reason why Americans fell in love with the Frenchie is because of their small size. Frenchies are excellent for apartment-living and smaller homes—something that more and more young Americans are living in. Plus, a small dog often needs less exercise than larger dogs, and they’re a bit easier to manage.

French bulldogs are quiet by nature

Most French bulldogs have a quiet demeanor. They aren’t as prone to barking as other breeds, which makes it easier for owners who don’t have to worry about their pup bothering their neighbors. It can be especially bothersome if your dog barks at everything that moves past your window. With the French bulldog, this is less of an issue.

Many celebrities have Frenchies of their own

From Lady Gaga to Madonna to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, many celebrities have adopted a French bulldog of their own. In fact, these Frenchies sometimes become just as famous as the celebrities themselves! It’s no wonder, then, that Frenchies have endeared themselves to the American public after we’ve seen images of Hugh Jackman carrying around a French bulldog of his own.

As more Americans are realizing, the French bulldog is a great addition to any family. If you’re looking to adopt a French bulldog, then stop by Family Puppies to meet some of our Frenchie puppies today!