4 Facts About French Bulldogs

Tough on the outside but soft the on the inside, French Bulldogs are one of America’s most popular breeds, and for good reason. These dogs are extremely outgoing and just love to play around with their favorite human, making them great and loyal companions.

So, if you’re thinking about adopting a French Bulldog into your family, here are some things you should know about this lovable breed:

Their roots start in England

4 Facts About French Bulldogs

While they may be French Bulldogs, their ancestry actually begins in England with the English Bulldog. After bull-baiting (a barbaric sport that English Bulldogs were used for) was banned in England, bulldogs were instead used as lap warmers for English lace makers. When the lace industry shifted to France, the workers went with it, bringing along their dogs. From there, English Bulldogs were bred with terriers to create the French Bulldog breed.

They were bred to be companions

In France, these dogs were bred to be companions rather than workers, and they were especially popular among upper-class French women. As such, they’re extremely affectionate and friendly, and their origins as lap warmers make them very lovable lap dogs.

There are nine standard colors

French Bulldogs have nine standard colors recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). These include: brindle; brindle and white; fawn; fawn and white; fawn brindle; white; white and brindle; and finally, white and fawn.

They’re very talkative

French Bulldogs don’t bark much, but they do make other sounds to communicate with their owners. They usually make yips or yawns to try and convey what they’re thinking or to get their owner’s attention.

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