What to Expect with the French Bulldog Temperament

Bred for companionship and lap-sitting, the Frenchie breed is full of very easy-going and loyal dogs.

If you’ve haven’t already fallen in love with this breed based on their wrinkled faces and stout stature, their personalities will definitely seal the deal.

Trust us, our French bulldog puppies have a way of stealing our hearts, and they’ll do the same to you!

Here are a few things you can expect with a French bulldog temperament:

Unending loyalty

french bulldog puppy playing on a sofa

Frenchie puppies are some of the most loyal pups you’ll ever meet, acting as your own personal guard dog and following you wherever you go.

They are a breed that falls into the “Velcro dog” category meaning they crave attention and can be pretty clingy but trust us—you’ll want this adorable pup at your side until the end of time.

As much as they are loyal to their owners, they can be easily swayed. Be sure that you’re giving your pup the love and affection he needs, he’ll switch his loyalty to someone else entirely!

Are French bulldogs really that stubborn?

It’s not so much about the stubbornness of this breed as it is the lack of attention they’re receiving from their favorite humans!

Their need for attention stems from their companionship, so it’s more likely that they’ll be needy after a long day away from you but will rarely act out.

Male vs. female French bulldogs

When you get a Frenchie, you’re getting a lover and a protector. However, there are a few subtle differences between males and females that you should keep in mind before picking out the newest addition to your family!

French bulldog puppy for sale

Male French bulldogs:

  • Lively and high-spirited
  • Always willing to play
  • Confident and assertive
  • Can be more stubborn to train

Female French bulldogs:

  • Timid and docile
  • Extra affectionate
  • Quicker to have a temper
  • Can be a lot nippier

Good with humans & other dogs

Since Frenchies are naturally social animals, it’s easy for them to get along with other pets and humans, too. Their need to be the center of attention makes socializing with others a breeze.

Early puppy socialization is key when it comes to a French bulldog do to the strong bond they form with their owners. This early socialization will actually help shape your puppy’s good temperament, teaching him good behavior around visitors and getting him used to the outside world of noisy traffic and kids playing in the park.

If left unsocialized, Frenchies can become aggressive towards strangers which is not at all what they want, so be sure to schedule some doggy play dates and invite some visitors over while they’re still a puppy.

A Frenchies small, but sturdy exterior combined with their fun-loving personality makes them the perfect goofball for kids. They’ll be able to take the roughhousing but also enjoy some cartoons curled up on the couch.

Active vs. couch potato

sleeping french bulldog puppyFrench bulldogs may look athletic with their strong build, but they are actually not a very active breed.

So, when it comes to exercising, a few short walks every day or some time to run around outside is the perfect activity for this breed.

Ranked by the AKC as having a calm energy level, Frenchies are as willing to play fetch as they are to take a nap. That’s why they excel as a lap dog, cuddling and snoozing on your lap for hours on end if you’ll let them!

French bulldog trainability

So, what does their temperament have to do with training?

Well, their personalities and willingness to learn are going to determine how quickly they catch on during training sessions.

And for French bulldog puppies, it’s best to cater to their short attention spans. Keep the lessons short and you’ll receive the best results.

Remember, Frenchies are a very sensitive breed and will not react well when disciplined or punished. They will take these actions to heart which will not help your training. Instead, take advantage of their “aiming to please” attitude and give positive reinforcement throughout all of your training sessions.

Do French bulldogs make for good pets?

Due to their need for companionship and friendly personality, French bulldogs make amazing family pets.

With their low activity levels and go-with-the-flow attitudes, Frenchies are actually perfect dogs for apartment living. They don’t need much space and aren’t yearning to be outside all the time, so a dedicated and loving owner with a full heart is enough.

Feeling like you’re ready to add a fun-loving, four-legged member to the family?

Take a look at our available (and adorable) French bulldog puppies for sale and give the breeders at Family Puppies a call at 574-354-2428 today!