Top 3 Tips for Adopting a Dog for Christmas

Have your kids been begging you for a new puppy? Or perhaps your spouse has been eyeing the adoption ads? Whatever the reason, Christmas can be the perfect time to bring a new dog into your life. However, there are a few things you should consider before introducing your pup on Christmas Day.

Don’t adopt the puppy before the recipient gets to meet itTop 3 Tips for Adopting a Dog for Christmas

We understand the urge to have the puppy there on Christmas Day. Nevertheless, there is always a chance that the recipient may not be ready for a dog of their own. Not to mention that you’ll want the puppy to get along with them, which isn’t always a guarantee when you go ahead and adopt the dog on your own. If you’d like it to be a surprise, go with one of these two options:

  • Drive the person out to a breeder without telling them where you’re going
  • Wrap a dog collar, toy, or another item in a box and give it to them on Christmas morning

One exception to this rule is if you’re gifting the puppy to your kids or to a family member, as then the puppy is a family gift that everyone will love.

Have extra money saved up

Puppies are a wonderful addition to the family, but they can be expensive. Not only will you have adoption costs, but you will also have to pay for food, bedding, toys, leashes, bowls, and other related items. So, before committing to the idea, make sure you have some extra money saved up ahead of time.

Don’t use the dog to teach your kids responsibility

Some parents adopt animals to teach their kids how to be responsible. While well-intended, this can backfire. If your child fails to care for the dog properly, then the dog will suffer as a result. Instead, adopt a dog to reward your kids for being responsible already, not for being responsible in the future.

If you’ve decided to adopt a puppy for Christmas, then contact Family Puppies. From Havanese to Cockapoos, we have many lovable pups looking for their forever home.