How to Raise a Dog in an Apartment

Every household is made better with a lovable pup in their midst. But what happens when you live in an apartment? Raising a dog in an apartment is much different than in a house, but it can be done by taking the necessary steps.

Go on two long walks each dayHow to Raise a Dog in an Apartment

Without a yard, your dog will have fewer opportunities to get outside and stretch their legs. To make up for this, take your pup out for two long walks each day. You can do one in the morning before work, and then one in the evening afterward.

Live upstairs? Get a balcony potty

First-floor apartments are ideal for dog owners because it makes it easy to let them outside. However, if you live in a second- or third-floor apartment, then invest in a balcony potty. These patches of faux grass can be a real lifesaver if your puppy has to go to the bathroom late at night or early in the morning.  

Train your dog

If not properly trained, dogs, especially puppies, can make a mess. They’ll bark, scratch doors, have accidents on the carpet, chew up furniture, and more. These incidents are more than just inconveniences; when living in an apartment, they can also cause you to lose your security deposit. Plus, a particularly yappy dog can irritate your neighbors, forcing the landlord to get involved. When you first adopt your puppy, then, take them to obedience training classes to prevent these incidents from occurring in the first place.

Pick the right breed

Some dogs simply aren’t meant to live in a 600 square-foot space. Smaller breeds such as Pootons or Havanese dogs are better suited to apartment life than, say, German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers. Smaller dogs will also have more space in an apartment, making them more comfortable and thus happier.

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