How to Help Your Dogs Get Along

What’s better than having one dog in your home? Two dogs, of course! Nevertheless, you will have to face challenges, specifically when it comes to helping your two dogs get along. While most dogs are very friendly with humans, they can have trouble with their own species. They can become jealous and territorial, picking fights with one another that you will inevitably have to break up.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways to help your dogs get along and even become best friends in the process.How to Help Your Dogs Get Along

Introduce them in neutral territory

Dogs are territorial creatures, so they consider new dogs as trespassers. If you want to get the relationship off on the right foot, introduce your dogs on neutral territory. This can include a park, a long walk, or outside a friend’s house. Keep them both on a leash while letting them sniff and greet one another. If all goes well, walk them back home. If there are any signs of tension, separate them and try again.

Keep them separated for the first few days

Once you return home with both of your dogs, don’t think that they’ll magically get along. Even if the initial introduction went well, keep them separated for at least the first few days. Give each dog their own room with their own food, water, and toys. Once both dogs seem at ease, put up a baby gate so that they can see and smell one another but are still separate.

Supervise all interaction for the first month

After your dogs get used to one another, you can finally allow them to interact freely inside the house. However, it can take time for your dogs to become comfortable with one another. As such, you should always supervise their interactions for at least the first month.

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