What to Feed Your French Bulldog

Just like humans, French bulldogs need regular exercise and a balanced diet to stay healthy. But what exactly does a balanced diet entail? Not all breeds require the same nutrients, and not all ages require the same nutrients either. Below we’ve broken down what you should be feeding your French bulldog based on their age:


PuppiesWhat to Feed Your French Bulldog


A French bulldog is considered a puppy if they’re under 12 months of age. During this crucial period of their life, the main goal is to give them the nutrients they need to grow into fully functioning French bulldog adults. As a result, puppies will require more calcium than adults, coupled with a moderate to a moderately high level of protein.




Once your Frenchie has gotten beyond 12 months, you can begin to cut back on the calcium. Protein and fat (specifically omega fatty acids, which are good for their skin and coat) will be the two nutrients you pay attention to the most. Adults require 18% protein and 5% fat in their diet. Frenchies also have a faster metabolism than other breeds, though they are also lower energy. As a result, you should aim for something between 25-35 calories per pound of their body weight.




Seniors are less active than either adults or puppies. As such, they’ll need fewer calories but more protein. Protein is crucial during this stage of life, as dogs often lose muscle strength as they age. Omega fatty acids are also important, as they will ensure healthy skin, coat, and digestion.


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