How to Keep Your French Bulldog Warm in Cold Weather

Fall is here, which means in due time the temperatures will start dropping as well as the leaves. While many of us love the coming of fall, it’s another thing for our French bulldogs. French bulldogs cannot tolerate cold temperatures well. As a brachycephalic breed, it’s harder for them to breathe in cold weather and they lose heat quicker. As such, you need to take proper precautions to keep your Frenchie safe over the next several months.

Know what’s too cold for French bulldogsfrench bulldog playing outside in snow with owner

What’s too cold for a French bulldog? Anything under 40 degrees Fahrenheit can cause complications, but it varies depending on age and wet conditions. If your Frenchie is young and it’s dry out, they could handle a 35-degree day, but an older Frenchie in wet conditions may not.

Nevertheless, if it’s under 25 degrees Fahrenheit then it’s far too cold for your French bulldog.

Move their bed and provide more bedding

Is your Frenchie’s bed typically by a window or door? These could get drafty in the fall and winter, especially at night. Move their bed to a warmer spot in your house and provide more bedding than you had in the summertime.

Watch their food intake

You likely won’t be going for very long walks anymore. As such, your Frenchie could put on a few pounds. Talk to your vet about their food intake to see how much you should give your Frenchie in the cold weather months.

Buy a winter jacket and booties

We understand you can’t keep your Frenchie inside for six months out of the year—they would hate it! So, when you do take your Frenchie outside to go potty or for a short walk, put a jacket on them to keep them warm. Booties are also recommended as they can help ensure your French bulldog won’t get frostbite or street salt on their paws.

Shovel an area for them to go potty

When your Frenchie goes outside to go potty, they shouldn’t be trudging through snow and ice. Instead, shovel out an area for them to go to the bathroom. That way your pup can do their business and run right back inside without getting too cold or wet.

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