The Different Types of Cockapoo Coats

Cockapoos inherit traits from both their Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents. These two breeds have very different coats, so the types of coats their Cockapoo puppies will have can vary. In general, though, Cockapoos will have one of three coat types: a tight curly coat, a loose wavy/ringlet coat, and a straighter coat.

Understanding the type of coat your Cockapoo has will help you care for them and groom them. Read on to learn more:cockapoo puppy lying on bed

A tight, curly coat

A Cockapoo with a tight, curly coat takes after their Poodle parent, as opposed to their Cocker Spaniel parent. They are often described as woolly, and their coats have a wiry texture due to their tight curls. These types of Cockapoos tend to have less dander and shed less than the other types of Cockapoo puppies. As such, this type of Cockapoo is excellent for allergy- or asthma-sufferers.

If your Cockapoo has a tight, curly coat, then you should plan on brushing them daily. This will help ensure that their coat doesn’t get matted or dirty. We also recommend professional haircuts for these dogs to keep their curls under control.

A loose wavy/ringlet coat

Most Cockapoos have the wavy or ringlet type of coat. These types of coats are soft to touch and longer than those with the tight, curly coats. Cockapoos with this coat type will also have that signature teddy-bear face that makes them so adorable!

Nevertheless, Cockapoos with a wavy/ringlet coat will need some extra maintenance between professional grooms. Since their coat is longer, they should be brushed two to three times per week, and then professionally groomed every 6-12 weeks. They are low-shedding, and still a good option for those who have allergies or asthma (though the curly coat Cockapoos are still the best option for this).

A straighter coat

Cockapoos who have a straighter coat take after their Cocker Spaniel parent, as opposed to their Poodle parent. These Cockapoos are not as common as those with wavy coats, but their straight, satin-like coats are nevertheless highly desirable by many owners. Thanks to their straight coat, they don’t require much maintenance. They should be brushed twice per week to keep their coat tangle-free, but that’s about it. You can always get them professionally groomed, but unlike the other coat types, it’s not necessary.

A Cockapoo with a straight coat is still low shedding, but it does shed more than their curly coat or wavy coat siblings. As such, this type of Cockapoo may not be as well-suited for owners who have allergies or asthma.

No matter which type of Cockapoo you choose, you will still be adopting a lovable and adorable best friend into your home. If you’re looking to adopt a Cockapoo, we at Family Puppies have Cockapoo puppies who are still searching for their forever home. Contact us today at 574-354-2428 to meet some of our Cockapoo puppies!