Halloween Safety Tips for Your Havanese Puppy

You’ve just brought your new Havanese puppy home, but now it’s Halloween. This can be a stressful time for any dog, but especially younger pups who are still getting used to their forever home. Here, we provide some tips on how to ensure your Havanese puppy stays safe and stress-free this Halloween.

Walk your puppy before trick-or-treatingA closeup shot of pumpkins surrounded by brown leaves with a wooden background for Halloween

Puppies have lots of energy, so you need to exercise them frequently. However, it’s not a good idea to walk your dog during trick-or-treating. Even if your Havanese puppy is very friendly, some pups can get frightened by the costumes. So, take your pup out for a walk before trick-or-treating starts. The added bonus will be that they’ll be tired out once trick-or-treating begins (see below).

Keep them in a separate room during trick-or-treating

Once trick-or-treating begins, keep your Havanese pup in a separate room, away from the action. Hearing the doorbell ring over and over again, and seeing all those strangers in costumes at your door, will stress your puppy out. This could cause them to bolt outside or bark, scaring any kids that may come to your door. So, find a room away from the front door and put your puppy’s food, water, blankets, and toys in there. If you took them out for a walk earlier, they should hopefully nap while trick-or-treating takes place.

Keep your Havanese puppy away from the treats

Many of the chocolates and candies you have during Halloween are dangerous for dogs to consume. However, our pups don’t know that. That’s why it’s our job to keep them away from all those goodies. Place your Halloween candy up high in a cabinet where your Havanese pup can’t reach it.

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