Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

A common question many potential Frenchie owners ask themselves is this: are French bulldogs aggressive? Bulldogs often have a reputation for being aggressive breeds, but is this reputation accurate? Here we intend to answer that.

The short answer: No, they’re not aggressiveAre French Bulldogs Aggressive?

Simply put, French bulldogs are not an aggressive breed. Most bulldogs are gentle and lovable, even clingy to a degree. They can be stubborn and high-energy, but an appropriately socialized French bulldog will never snap or bite at you. Their loyalty, protectiveness, and docility all make for a dog that is great with kids and adults alike.

But some dogs can behave aggressively as a result of trauma, pain, or fear

While most French bulldogs are playful and affectionate, that’s not to say no bulldog is aggressive. Nevertheless, this is likely a nurture problem rather than a nature problem. In other words, your Frenchie was not born aggressive but is acting out as a result of something or someone. Bulldogs who were not properly socialized by a breeder or were mistreated when they were younger can become aggressive later in life. Additionally, dogs, no matter their breed, will display acts of aggression when they’re scared or in pain.

What to do about it

If your Frenchie is acting aggressively, there are ways to correct the behavior.

  • Find the root cause: Are they snapping at someone because they’re scared? Did they have a traumatic upbringing? Understanding why your Frenchie is acting out will help you understand how to fix it.
  • Take them to a vet and/or trainer: If there is an underlying medical issue causing your dog to be aggressive, your vet can find it and propose a treatment plan. If doctors have ruled out a medical problem, a professional dog trainer can help you manage your dog’s behavior.
  • Use positive reinforcement: For behavioral issues, positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog. Again, a professional trainer can teach you how to use positive reinforcement.

At Family Puppies, we take steps to properly socialize all of our French bulldogs to ensure none of our pups are aggressive towards their owners. To learn more about our available puppiescontact us today!